During the last year, we are incrementally dropping support for Copr’s APIv1 and APIv2. We kindly ask you to migrate to APIv3. Some reasoning and our motivation for doing so can be found the Copr has a brand new API blog post.

According to the deprecation schedule, we just took the following step:

  • April 2021 - print warning on STDERR when you use APIv2 from python3-copr and remove APIv1 from python3-copr library

That means that if you cannot migrate to APIv3 yet, you can still send requests to APIv1 endpoints directly, without using the python3-copr library, or you can temporarily freeze on python-copr-1.109 and copr-cli-1.93.

Please don’t put aside the migration of your code for much longer. In September the APIv1 is going to be dropped from the frontend and APIv2 from clients.