Let me sum up what the Copr team did during 2022.


  • We did six releases of Mock Starting with a major upgrade to 3.x that dropped python2 support and EL7 as the host platform.
  • We added --list-chroots option. Allow better customization of used tar binary and adapt to the new split of qemu-user-static package.
  • We also added lots of new chroots: AlmaLinux, RockyLinux, EuroLinux, OpenEuler, and a few others…




Outlook for 2023

  • Integration with Koshei - automatic rebuild of your package in your project when dependency changes (inherited from the previous year - not even started yet)
  • Hopefully start using ImageBuilder.
  • We are investigating the usage of Pulp as a backend for storing RPM packages.

Ideas we have for 2023 - some of them are inherited from the previous year:

  • Enhance Mock --chain to try to set %bootstrap when the standard loop fails. When the set succeeds, rebuild the bootstrapped package again without the %bootstrap macro.
  • Contribute to fedpkg/koji to have machine-readable output. FIXME
  • Include packages from Copr in results of https://packages.fedoraproject.org/
  • Allow running various tools right after the build - e.g., rpminspect, swidtags.
  • Automatically verify if your package’s license can be used in Copr.

The Community Packaging Team consists of Pavel Raiskup, Jakub Kadlcik, Jiří Kyjovský (who replaced Silvie Chlupova), and me.