Welcome to the official blog for the Copr project. Its purpose is to keep you updated with new features, sharing how-to tutorials and other kinds of interesting information. Posts are written mainly by developers, but we encourage you to write and submit your posts too. A topic of an article can be absolutely anything that is related to Copr.

How to write a post

It is fairly easy to write a new post. The whole process is described in the README and explains how to create a post, how it should be formatted, how to run this page locally to view the changes and how to submit the pull request if everything looks as you wanted. If you miss any information, please contact us.


This page is built on Jekyll, it’s source code is available on GitHub and is deployed via GitHub Pages. The comment section is provided by Disqus.

We produce two RSS feeds, one is called feed.xml and is aimed at users to subscribe. It contains all posts, even the ones that are hosted on external sites such as a personal blog of a particular developer. The second feed is called planet.xml and is subscribed by Planet Fedora. This one contains only posts hosted on this site.

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